Hawaii Basketball Academy

Mission Statement

Hawaii Basketball Academy is a 501(c)3 non profit organization with training sessions being held at The Waialua Community Association Gym. We will develop elite basketball players by laying a foundation of championship caliber skills and habits. By teaching sportsmanship, positive leadership, respect, health/wellness, empathy, and self-esteem through the world of basketball. We will produce more high school graduates and college potential student athletes by putting emphasis on academic standards going hand in hand with athletic performance. We value community, family, integrity, honesty, and spreading Aloha.

Contact Info

Lance Manalo

Phone: (808) 469-5404

Email: lancescollege@gmail.com


To provide an elite basketball skills academy at no cost to the underserved low income youth population of the community. Preserving the Hawaiian culture and environment. Providing a positive outlet for the youth, empowering each student-athlete to be a positive leader and contributor to his/her community.

Program Activities

We currently hold basketball coaching and physical fitness training at the Waialua Community Association


Currently available in limited quantities. More have been ordered and should be arriving soon!